Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trip to Motupa

 Poorest area in our Mission;  drove to the end of a "trail" arriving at this steep hill, at this point we had to get out and walk (obviously), to arrive at a members home.  Her name was Julia she needed a temple recommend.  We passed a few "homes" I use it lightly.  Everything in Africa is made of cement or brick; the houses and fences; many of the driveways and roads are done with pavers.
 This is the out house, it appeared to be for all around the area.
 This is Poncho, he is the nephew of Julia, and she is raising him along with a 30+ year old son that is totally disabled physically and mentally. Her husband left her when she would not get rid of this son after he was born.  If I felt I wasn't intruding I would have taken a picture of their house, and you have to use that term lightly also.  Two rooms with no electricity, and no running water.  They haul in the water once a week.  They have nothing, but they are happy.
 We made friends quickly when we showed Poncho how to use an IPad, he took the following pictures.
 Elder Hawkins
 His Grandmother
 His Uncle
 This is a picture of the Sheshego Branch in Polokane, very similar to the Mamelodi Branch in Pretoria, the one that we will be attending while here in Africa
As we left that Branch, this cart was going down the street being pulled by three donkeys.


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