Saturday, July 8, 2017

Couples Retreat

 Finally made it on a couples retreat, it was only for a day, but we went on a short game drive and saw the Hyaena above and the Tsessebe below that I hadn't seen before.

 Drove right up to these lions, as you can see the one is a white lion.  They actually use these lions in movies and also they said that they use them for weddings to bring the ring down the aisle to the bride.
 We moved on to the Cheetahs, which were in large cages, but they were like a big cat that purred just like a kitten.

 Here we have the five couples, and below was our transportation around the game drive
 After the game drive we went "Walking with the Lions", these two activities were done at the Ranch Resort just outside of Polokwane.
 This one is licking his chops - better move away!!!
We have just two months left, so may only get one more blog in before our trip home.  What a delight this has been to be here and see and experience Africa.