Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pictures of our first flat

 This is a picture of the back, notice the bars on the door they lock, this is the usual scene
 This is the back yard, if you are able to enlarge the picture you will see the fence behind the wooden fence has barbed wire.
 Here you an see the guard tower in the background
 Here is a picture of the front door, again the locking bar door
 This is the car we were currently using had to give it up for a time to the Elders whose car went in for a major overhaul, we are using a van at this time.  The ground floor flat is ours, you can only see the one window.
 As we came into the apartment complex this was the round-about that we went around to get to our flat.  You will notice the guard gate in the background you can't get in or out without swiping your tag (security).
This is the public area, it has a pool, as most complexes do, this one has several Brie's (charcoal or wood BBQ's).  This man was cooking his Sunday dinner.

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  1. It's about time we see a picture of you mom! Looks beautiful there ... Minus all the security around lol