Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trip to Polokane

 This is a picture of the Elder's from Polokane, if you enlarge you can see the baptismal font out the back doors of the chapel
 This is the "Supa Ouik Tyre Express" tried to put it into the GPS and was unsuccessful, because I didn't spell it right.  Leaving Polokane we ended up with a nail in our tire, luckily this was only about 2 miles away.  Pulled into a gas station and they told us there was (what we thought was) a Super Quick Tire Store down the road, hard to understand their English so we went a bit further and found another gas station, they showed us that the tire store was in the same shopping complex.  We got the tire fixed, and added two new tires on the front.
 Pictures of our travels to Tzaneen, it was beautiful
 If you enlarge you can see how they plant the trees in rows, you never see dead wood laying around, they clean it out and plant all new.
 These are banana fields, they will cover the banana bunches with blue bags to keep the insects and birds off.

 These bushes are all over, they are beautiful
Anthony if you enlarge this picture, you will see it is just for you, this was on the side of the church in Polokane, which is an area filled with German influence.
This picture is for the boys
Look at these trees, they have a lot of these, can't get a picture of the Jackaranda trees, they will start to bloom in September, so will wait and send one then.
This was kind of an odd something, it has the base of a palm tree, but just a little yellow stump on top
You find a lot of these thatched roofs all over.

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