Saturday, February 11, 2017

Phalaborwa for our second experience

 The above video was taken to show the church we meet in at Phalaborwa.  This village has several hundred thousand people in it, mostly refugees from Mosambique in the 1990's they left and came thru Kruger National Park to come to South Africa.  Many lost their lives because of the wildlife as they came through the park.  The South African Government gives them a plot of land, and then they have to build a home.  Most of the homes are made from blocks and a tin roof, and consist of only one room that is about 12'x12'.  They add on as they can, but most stay that size.  As you can see by the sign they call their church "The Bright Star Gospel Church of Jesus Christ".  Unfortunately, the video's will not play, but I am not going to delete them, because they at least tell a story and show a picture.  If anyone can tell me how to get a video to work on a blog, please let me know.

 Since our first visit, they have improved from a tarp to a large canopy over much of the area, and even had a fan set up right by us in front.
 Hopefully the video above comes thru, three of the women had practiced a song to sing for us while we were there.  The video below is two singing a song the one in the green dress is a Pastor from another church close by, that wanted to come while we were there, and the girl in the white dress was the one that did the translation for us as we spoke.  We actually had two women Pastors come this time, along with the Pastor of this church.  The one as she spoke came because she wanted to hear more about the Book of Mormon
 Afterwards, as they did the first time, want to have their pictures taken with us, so we spent probably another half hour doing that.
 The picture below is Sammy and his wife and son whose name is "Best".  For those that don't know, Sammy was our Game Driver thru Kruger National Park twice, and the one we have given about 6 cases of Book of Mormons to - he is the one that originally set us up to meet with this group.  He keeps asking for more books and we keep supplying them.  Some day those seeds will sprout.
As you can see, they had 2 large tables set up so we could join them to eat after the meeting.  Fortunately we were fasting as it was the first Sunday of the month, and we had to decline their offering of Mopani worms, Creamed Spinach, and we didn't see what was in the third bowl.  We had to do some explaining as to what the fast was so they wouldn't get their feelings hurt.

Hoedespruit South Africa Pictures

 This was a sunset at our flat in Pretoria a week or so ago
 While in Phalaborwa we had some X-tra time so we went to Hoedespruit to an Endandered Species Park.  The pictures above and below show an area with a pile of bones for the animals and birds to clean off the meat.  The guide we had sat there explaining while the 10 of us in the vehicle were dying of the smell.
 Most of the animals they have there are cheetahs - they have very distinctive tear marks under their eyes.  Some were in cages and others in large enclosures that reflect their natural habitat so they can run and roam.  They bring them into the smaller cages to feed them, and watch to make sure they are doing well.