Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Flat near the office

 Here is Elder Hawkins dutifully doing his scripture studying in a chair he wanted out on the balcony, since it is so hot, it works for him to be out there at night - it has light.
 This is looking from the front door into the living room and out to the balcony.  We will be getting our lounge chair when transfers come on Tuesday
 This is our huge kitchen, we can both fit in it sideways, you can see the washing machine under the cabinet.  The cupboards you see are all we have except a few under the counter next to the washer.
 This is our "Master Bedroom" what you see is what you get.  If you will notice there is no carpet here, everything is tile floor.
 This is the first bathroom, long, deep and narrow tub
 This is the "Master  Bath".
"You're not really going to take that?"  Yeah right!  Our balcony

This is the dining room and a picture of the front door and part of the kitchen

Here is a very important room, this is the extra bedroom this is where we will get a spare mattress and put you up when you come to visit.  It also houses the dryer and the printer on top, a desk to do my hair, I don't have to guess now as I curl my hair.  There is only one outlet in every room, so you have to get creative.

This is looking out the balcony, you can see the thatched roof and the birds nesting on top, these are geese and they start sqawking about 5:00 a.m.


  1. Do we get a leapoard print blanket on our bed too if we come?

  2. What flight plan do we look for? Flying into what airport?