Monday, March 27, 2017

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 It is so hard to get a picture of the way the women and sometimes you will see men carry everything on top of their head.  You don't see them unless you are driving, and you go by too quickly to get any picture even if you had your camera and it was ready.  But just happened to get lucky on this one.  This is small compared to some items they carry.  You will see another one below that is carrying sugar canes and this was in Phalaborwa, the top one was taken in Botswana.
 I was trying to find all three pictures of the Church we meet at in Phalaborwa, but I lost it somewhere.  The above picture was taken March 26, 2017 you can see that they actually have it enclosed with tin, and they hang fabric on the inside to make it look nicer.  When we went the first part of February, where the tin is they had a tarp that covered the top that was shaped like a circus tent which was an upgrade from the first time we went.

 The little fellow was so cute, he did a dance for me that I took a video of, I wish I could include it in my blog. 
 Now this is a picture of the church the first time we saw it the first part of November 2016.  All it had was a flat tarp.  So you can see they are doing their best to make it nicer.
 These are some of the members from the congregations sitting in Sammy's Jeep
 Sammy and Elder Hawkins

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