Monday, March 27, 2017

Days in Namibia

 Here is a view of the coast in Swakopmund and the Atlantic Ocean, we finally made it there.
 They have camel rides along the beach, and in the back ground you can see the sand dunes.  As you travel from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay, you have the sand dunes on one side of the road, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the road.
 Right out the back door of two of our missionaries (Elder Darley left and Elder Hamilton middle)

 To get to Swakopmund, you travel thru a desert so the above picture and below is the view as we traveled

 I don't know how to make these go in order, but the above and 2 below are pictures taken in Windhoek.  To explain, the second one below, he is a member in the branch presidency by the name of Clever.  The room he is sitting in is approximately 15'X15' (maybe) and these are his total living quarters.  As you can see he is sitting at his sewing machine, and makes the scripture covers and I also took a picture of some sandals he makes.  The fur is from a Springbok, and he makes them all different colors, I was quite impressed.  The above picture shows that they do not waste anything.  He takes old tires to make the bottom of thee sandals.  You can see them sitting on top and under the table.  This is outside in the yard.

 The above picture is of a big freighter out in the ocean, and the bottom picture is the four missionaries serving in Swakopmund in front of the chapel, which is rented in an office complex.
(Hamilton, Mosweswe, Mohatli, and Darley)

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