Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kasane, Botswana

 A Picture of Elder Hawkins standing outside the Chapel in Kasane, Botswana with the Elders Quorum President
 All those in attendance at our meetings in Kasane, The American looking ladies are visitors from Utah, Mom and daughters (5), the one in Peach is an investigator, Elder Hawkins and President and Sister Chadambuka, the remaining hand full are branch members.
 A look from our Hotel in Kasane the Cresta on the banks of the Chobe River above and below
 The sunset driving into Kasane
 Below are those wonderful Mopani worms mixed in a sauce, doesn't it look delicious.  At the Cresta each night they had a buffet which included traditional African food, Mopani worms included, I went for the non-traditional food.
 Our P-Day on the Chobe River with President and Sister Chadambuka, this boat would hold many people but the four of us and the owner and about 5 family members were the only ones.  They invited us for a dinner cruise and braai (it did not include the Mopani worms) we were able to spend extra time on the boat after normal hours.  Keep in mind this only cost us R250 which is about $19.00 US Dollars each.  They did not charge us for the snacks and dinner they provided us with.  We had a wonderful relaxing day, we haven't had many of those.

 Sunset on the Chobe River next two pictures

 Dad getting his third speeding ticket in Botswana.  What makes it bad was we were just arguing about the speed, I said the GPS shows it is 120k and he thought he saw a sign that said 80 - He was right.  They set speed traps just after the speed changes and on the down hill slop most of the time.  Who would have guessed his only three speeding tickets in his life and they are while we are on our mission.  President and Sister Chadambuka couldn't believe I was taking a picture, they said if they saw they would probably come and take my ipad camera away.

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