Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thanksgiving, Christmas and "odds n ends"

 Our Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings and even a turkey cheese ball with crackers.
 We had Thanksgiving at President Chadambukas house
 The Halls
 The Wrightson's
 How cute are these?  Elder and Sister Hall made one for each of us.
 Elder Hawkins and Kamogelo just before she is baptized.
 William, Kamogelo's Father and Itu her sister, and Selina her Mom.
 This is in Polokwane with Elder and Sister Ellis of the Area Presidency, President and Sister Chadambuka and ourselves.  We had a good visit for Mission Tour.
 This picture is for the Wilson's - look at the moss growing under the thatched roof in our complex looking out our patio.  Remember how dry it was last year, we have had at least 2/3's of the month of Demember with large amounts of rain.  Close up above, and a look from our patio beneath.

 Christmas Day and this is Kamogelo jumping with her cousin.  I wish my grandkids could appreciate what they have.  Maabane's had a small Christmas Tree, a little bigger than the one Steve and Amber used, but NO presents under the tree.  They celebrate Christmas, but not with presents, and they are still happy.
Itu and Selina in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas Dinner.
 As you can see from the plates already dished up for the kids, they eat a lot of rice.
 This last picture is one we took in Phalaborwa - it is a picture of Sammy's house (our game driver), just a little box shaped home.  They keep the weeds out of their yards, and this is a typical fence in the villages.

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