Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hoedespruit South Africa Pictures

 This was a sunset at our flat in Pretoria a week or so ago
 While in Phalaborwa we had some X-tra time so we went to Hoedespruit to an Endandered Species Park.  The pictures above and below show an area with a pile of bones for the animals and birds to clean off the meat.  The guide we had sat there explaining while the 10 of us in the vehicle were dying of the smell.
 Most of the animals they have there are cheetahs - they have very distinctive tear marks under their eyes.  Some were in cages and others in large enclosures that reflect their natural habitat so they can run and roam.  They bring them into the smaller cages to feed them, and watch to make sure they are doing well.

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  1. Sure do love cheetahs. Sounds like a fun place!