Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday in Phalaborwa

 It is spring and the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom.  These trees line road ways and are absolutely beautiful

 Before church started the children wanted to see themselves on the camera, they came running from everywhere to be in the picture.  They have a wheelbarrow with a container to haul water.
 This is part of the church, the tarp extension, held up by poles.
 Only two cars found at the church ours, and our game driver Sammy, who picks up a group to come to church
 Music started before we got there at 10:00, by 11:00 it was standing room only.
 You can see the whole inside of the church in this picture (three cement walls with a tin roof), keep in mind it is over 100 degrees

While we were traveling to the church came upon this "tuck shop" I had to stop on my way back and take a picture.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Elder Paul!!!!! for November 29:
    Hope you're both doing well!
    Love Bruce and Nancy

  2. Love the pictures!!
    That is warm alright.