Thursday, April 14, 2016

Namibia and beginning "Senior Training"

 Here we are at the airport as we finally arrive in Namibia
 Before leaving Johannesburg, I asked if I should take an umbrella - they said no it hasn't rained in Namibia for quite a while, as we get off the plane (and you have to walk to the terminal) it was raining.  If they only knew how blessed they would be if they would allow more missionaries in.  We came with President and Sister Wilson, us, and two more missionaries.
 On our return to the airport we found these baboons sitting on this metal post (comfortable)!

 A picture of a Warthog crossing in Namibia
 Stopped to get gas right outside the airport in Namibia, this is a sign, notice the dirt road, though it was funny.
 We are now going on a game drive for our "Senior Training", this one happened to be the night drive.  You see different animals, but you can't take any pictures because it is too dark.
 This was on the game drive the next day, these are cape buffalo and we were able to see many, quite the animal
 This is a steinbok

 I thought this tree trunk was interesting
 All the couples in our mission,  Far left President and Sister Wilson, us, The Campbell's who will be leaving in another month, the Gublers who will be leaving, in September, and the Halls who got here in February.
 This tree is thousands of years old, there is one just outside the park they figure is 6000 years old.
Herd of Cape buffalo

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  1. Ry and I looked at your pictures. He liked the crocodile and then when he saw the one of grandma in the jeep, he said "look grandma is waiving to me. I go ride with her. I want to ride in the jeep." Looks like fun!!