Thursday, April 14, 2016

More of Kruger Park "Senior Training"

 Two Hippos in the Olifants River in Kruger National Park
 A large Croc sunbathing

 We saw 4 lionesses taking a nap under a tree - many onlookers didn't seem to bother them.
 As we stopped to eat lunch these next birds were there.  These morning doves were interesting as we watched them spreading their feathers to cool off

 Look at those orange eyes and beautiful shiny blue feathers
 2 more hippos out wandering around
 A herd of elephants we will send a video
 This is a centipede (millipede) who knows look how big.  They grow things big here.
 I get a real delight in seeing the different road signs as this one is a baboon crossing sign
 This sign is letting people know they are not allowed to set up stands along the road.  You see stands along the road everywhere.
 I have been wanting to get a picture of a Sable Antelope this one happened to be through a fence along the highway as we left Kruger National Park, but look at those horns.

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  1. And, queue the The Lion King music, "from the day we arrive on the planet..."