Saturday, April 9, 2016

On our way to Namibia

Just as we were about to leave for Namibia I found this little critter on the floor.  
 Could not resist taking a picture of Elder Basima as we entered the airport.  He was on his way home to Botswana and we were on our way to Namibia.  He was so fun to have around.  We will miss him greatly.
 It was just before sunset.  A beautiful sky just outside our lodging in Namibia.  Note the electric wire.
 Found this guy across the street from the chapel in Namibia.
 We were doing so yard work at the Namibia flat and mother found this.
 While in Namibia we visited the flats making minor repairs.  Here is a picture of the famous toilet seat.  It was broken so we picked up a new one but I just had to have a picture to remember it by.  This was a couples flat.
 We traveled to Namibia and I was told I just had to visit the body shop.  I have spoken with them on the phone but never seen the establishment.  I just had to take pictures.  This car had front end damage and as I arrived with the two missionaries we found it was being washed.  I took a picture of the car but really wanted you to see the surroundings.

 I have been looking for some time trying to get a picture of the fast food delivery service.  McDonalds and KFC are two of many that deliver by motorbike.

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