Saturday, March 19, 2016

Big Five Game Reserve

 I'm sure you are all going to think that all we do is go on Game Drives - not true.  On the 12th of March we went to one that was called The Big Five Game Reserve.  They have what is called the big five which are the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and the Cape Buffalo.  We saw none of them unfortunately, still waiting to see each of them.  Hopefully when we go to Kruger National Park in April, we will get our chance.  In the meantime we keep taking pictures of the same animals, although I want to get pictures of new animals, they are all incredible to see up close.   Just sent a couple of movies to Angie to share with everyone.

I wanted to see the giraffe real bad, now that seems to be all we see.  They move gracefully and cover a lot of area quickly 
 "Who do you think you are"
 Female Waterbuck
 This is a closer picture of the Oryx and below, I think of Grandpa Davis, he would have wanted me to get some and send back to mount.  "Crap, so what if they are in a Game Reserve!"

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