Sunday, January 3, 2016

African Game Reserve in Botswana

 After crossing the border from South Africa to Botswana we came across a lot of these impala crossing signs
 Thought this was a fun sign, just after seeing this sign we saw a group of Baboons along the side of the road, but couldn't get a picture quick enough, I'm sure we will see more of them later.
 Took this picture it is three shacks right next to each other and they are barbershops right off the road.
 This picture is now the start of us entering into the Game Reserve, what is so fun about a Game Reserve, is that different from a zoo, instead of seeing animals through a cage, you are there in the cage with them.  This was pictures of the Ostrich's
 A picture of two Warthogs fighting each other
 You see these hills all over the place they are termite hills, some are short some are tall.
 Zebras in this picture
 These pictures are out of order, and may be somewhat repeated, but just before we left the Game Park, we stopped to pick up our vehicle and there were 3 monkeys close by, I told Elder Hawkins I wanted to see if I could get close, so I pulled out a candy bar we had (melted) and opened it up and sure enough, it didn't take long before you saw monkeys running our direction from all over.  I fed them the candy bar

 This is a picture of an Impala
 Impala and monkeys together

 Here is a picture of a Brindled Gnu Blouwildebees (the black ones) about the size of an oxen, zebra and impala all together
 This is an Oryx, the horns are absolutely strait

 The Brindled Gnu Blouwildebees has a large hump on its back, hope you can enlarge these so you can really see them
 The Impala look a lot like deer, but their coloring is very pretty
 You will see in several of the pictures the baby monkey nursing from its momma
 We stepped out of the car to take pictures, and the monkeys stepped in.

 I finished feeding the monkeys the candy bar I had, and they took the wrapper right out of my hand and started licking it.

 Here is an elephant crossing sign
These animals are about the size of a large elk and called a Kudu look at their curly horns.

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  1. Ry says, "Funny monkeys!" We enjoyed the pictures. Never TOO many!